Walk-in Closets & Main Bedroom Closets

Double Closet- Before

Busy people have busy spaces! Having a full-time job, a side hustle, and kids doesn't leave much time for maintaining a sanctuary for yourself. It was time to reset this bedroom and give this mama her peace and sanity back!

Double Closet- After

To make the closets functional for this client, we designated one for current-size, current-season clothing. This closet holds everything that is a true option to wear TODAY! No wondering what fits or digging through off-season styles to find what you want-- just a peaceful, enjoyable experience every morning!

Double Closet- After

We designated the other closet as off-season or past-size clothing storage. This is a great option for clothing you are not yet ready to part with, but do not want to have in the way on the daily when you are getting ready in the morning. 

Walk-In Closet- Before

This busy professional mom had been pouring her energy into her work and family for the past few years, with a demanding schedule that didn't allow for organizational time as she once enjoyed. She had a great Elfa system in place from the Container Store, but the closet needed a complete reset and overhaul to take the best advantage of it.

Walk-in Closet- After

For ease of finding favorites, we color-coded her casual tops. Extra hangers were kept ready for clean laundry, and jeans were folded nearby.

Walk-in Closet- After

Once the closet was decluttered, we re-appropriated the pull-out Elfa drawers and labeled them for easy daily use. Baskets and bins were labeled for special items. After decluttering, we discovered that we even had a few extra shelves for breathing room!

His Closet- After

Shirts were sorted by type and then color for this client. Semi-opaque shoe boxes store less frequently used pairs on the shelf above.

Shoe & Off-Season Storage

More commonly used shoes were stored on open shelving for grab-and-go convenience, and lidded fabric bins were purchased to house off-season items.

Her Closet- After

This busy professional has a beautiful collection of clothes and high heels, along with all the essentials of modern life, such as gym and lounge wear. To hold it all in this narrow walk-in closet, we made use of bins and shoe racks, as well as dividing clothes into currently-used and off-season sections.