"I feel 1,000 pounds lighter!"

-Elated client after a successful closet clean-out

Stopping Overwhelm

A HUGE THANK YOU could not begin to cover what a blessing you are... Your giftings have brought a breath of fresh air, order, and visibility to spaces that seemed overwhelming. We're beyond thankful!!!  

-Grateful client

Tackling Clutter

Jessica was very professional and had great insights from the start ... She also did not let me fall into the trap of "oh I’ll look at that later” which is how I got to my clutter in the first place... I was very pleased with my sessions with Jessica. 

-Busy professional client

Creating Kid-Friendly Spaces

Jessica is kind, friendly, and easy to work with.  She helped me create a kid-friendly open bin system in my craft area.  She helped me conceptualize the project and carry it out... I will definitely be using her services again in the future. 

-Mom of 2 creative kids

Accountability & Insight

I'm so grateful for the help, wisdom and accountability that you provided to get the job done start to finish. Thank you for encouraging me not to be a perfectionist and helping me better understand how children need their things displayed. 

-Busy working mom


I want to say this is a much needed service. The support is fantastic. The ideas are brilliant and the teamwork vibe was so uplifting. Give a try for yourself and see how much more and better you can accomplish your organizing goals. 

-Virtual organizing client

Courage & Focus

I really appreciate you and your willingness to dive in. Your presence gave me the added courage and focus I needed. Thank you! 

-Appreciative client