Office Spaces & Electronics

Desk Decluttering & Organization

In this project, unnecessary items were decluttered from the desk space, a simple file system was created, unique personal touches and decor were added to make an enjoyable work space, and items were arranged for maximum flow and efficiency.

Simple File Solutions

Fighting the daily battle with paper clutter becomes so much easier with a simple system in place. Here, folders were created for the most common types of paper to land in this area. Pretty and effective!

Custom Office Storage

A custom design for this home office storage wall was just the thing to take this space from utilitarian to appealing. With proper measurements and purchasing, off-the-shelf products look like they were made just for this space.

Electronics Wires / Cables

We all can likely relate to this project- the electronics storage in the home had not been weeded through in a while, and the cords in particular needed some TLC.

Electronics Storage- Before

The storage area didn't have enough space for all of the electronics gear for the family, and items were not separated by category, making it hard for each person to find what he or she needed.

Electronics Storage- After

Separate boxes were created for each category, with clear labels, making it easy for everyone to find their tech gear.