Main Bedrooms

Dresser- Before

This busy professional and devoted mom did not have time to maintain her room as she desired while also wearing all of the other hats she wore in her life. 

Dresser- After 

A sense of calm could be felt in the room after sorting through donations, trash, and "keeps" and then creating a home for everything.

Main Bedroom- Before

This busy professional family had a lot on their plates and not enough storage solutions for one family member's laundry.

Main Bedroom- After

"I can't believe how good it feels in here!" Storage solutions for laundry were created and open space was created for rest and relaxation.

Bookcase- After

Dresser- Before

Horizontal surfaces had become a drop zone for this busy couple on the go.

Dresser- After

What a difference! Open space created a blank canvas that could allow this couple space and energy to recharge in their bedroom.

Main Bedroom

A neutral color palette and visual symmetry relax the body and the mind for a good night's rest.