Living Rooms

Bookcase- Before

Daily use and years without decluttering had led to this area being a little less tidy than the owners wanted.

Bookcase- After

Sorting this area by type and then by size made different types of books easier to find and helped the whole room feel more peaceful.

Storage Bin System

Bins in the common living space for electronics, pet supplies and the like prevent clutter from gathering on surfaces-- or provide a place to put it away when it does!

Living Room- Before

This room was reflecting a busy come-and-go lifestyle, where home had become a bit of a "drop zone."

Living Room- After

Sorting through the items in the living room, releasing trash, recycling, and donations, and creating simple storage solutions for items that were "keeps" returned this to a calm and relaxing space.

Living Room Decor

After organizing, replacing decor on the now-clear spaces adds the final touch.

Living Room Side Table- Before

If your home has an entryway table, you may be familiar with this scene. Items brought in and dropped off here sometimes stayed for weeks or longer if they had no other home.

Living Room Side Table- After

Finally sorting through what had been piling up and making homes for wanted items was such a relief for the home-owner, and now she can enjoy a decluttered view to welcome her when she returns home after a busy day. It's a gift to herself that keeps on giving!