Laundry Rooms

Laundry Room- After

A place for everything and everything in its place! That is the motto of this laundry room. Features include storage for cleaning supplies, bins for rags, mops, delicate bags, and more, as well as a hanging file near the recycling area for storing kids' school papers! This space has a lot of functions, but still manages to look calm, serene, fresh & clean.

Laundry Supply Storage

Nobody really likes to do laundry, right? But a pop of fun pattern inside your laundry storage cabinet can at least put a smile on your face and brighten your day while you power through! Here, removable wallpaper was added for a sweet & stylish in-cabinet surprise.

Cleaning Tool Storage

Finishing touches like this can really make a laundry room. Matching white step-stool and dustpan were sourced to complete the clean look, and storage solutions were planned to make sure every item had a home.

Laundry Room- Before

Busy people have busy spaces-- and this laundry room was showing that for sure! Items that didn't belong were removed and the original Elfa system from this room was re-designed to serve the family better at this stage of life.

Laundry Room- After

Each family member was given a labeled bin for clean laundry ready to be put away, and additional bins were created for "single socks", rags, and laundry bags. Everything was clearly labeled for ease of use.

Vacuum Storage Solutions

Sometimes, finding just the right storage solution can make such a big difference in a space! Here, two different storage products were sourced to get all vacuum pieces up off the ground without dirtying the walls.