Kitchens & Pantries

Spice Storage

So many options are available for spice storage! In this project, matching spice jars were used to decant spices for a uniform look.

Bonus Pantry

Additional storage was needed beyond that available in the kitchen, so this basement pantry was created! Matching bins and easy-to-read labels made this space cute and functional.

Fridge Zones

When everyone knows where the ketchup goes, you are 90% more likely to be able to find it the next time! Clear fridge zones and labels are a great way to make sure everyone knows where to find their favorites-- and where to put them back!

Kids' Lunch Item Storage

Whether it's the kids or the grownups packing the lunches, clear, labeled bins help everyone see what's available. 

Snack Organization

The beauty of custom organization is how it can be tailored to your family's exact wants and needs. Are chips and snacks something that everyone needs to be able to find in the overflow pantry? By creating clearly labeled bins that are front and center, we can make sure that happens. 

Kids' Snack Item Storage

When kids can find snacks on their own, whether it's to pack them for school, or to eat at home, life gets a little easier all around. 

Decluttered Dishes

Years of kitchenware had collected in this space, and this project focused on taking everything out, identifying the most-used items, and putting the favorite items back in the "best real estate" in the cabinet.

Under Sink Storage

Why is this space often so hard to organize? It's cramped, it can be difficult to find storage solutions that fit, and we tend to throw things down there without necessarily limiting ourselves to only certain categories. Labeled bins can help prevent these problems and can turn the under sink area into an organized oasis.

Decluttered Drinkware

Many well-meaning friends had gifted this special client with drinkware over the years- until her cup cupboard overflowed! We removed everything, grouped it in categories on the table, and invited her to "shop" for her favorites. Once the cabinet was full, extra items went either to storage or donation.

Cabinet Contents- Before

Can you believe all of this came out of one small cabinet? When life is busy, sometimes we keep adding things without taking anything out. In this project, we removed everything and put back only the absolute essentials.

Cabinet Contents- After

Only the daily essentials were replaced in this cabinet, with the theme being "Morning Routine." If items did not belong to the morning routine, they were re-homed elsewhere, which included making a baking bin to go to the basement, and relocating cold medicine to a hall closet with similar items.

Utility Drawer

The drawer formerly known as "the junk drawer" just got an upgrade. Almost every kitchen has one, and for good reason. With a few simple tweaks, this eyesore can become a sight for sore eyes-- not to mention so useful on a daily basis!