Kids' Rooms & Playrooms

Lego Area

Ample Lego storage on the shelving got these Legos off the floor and provided this building master with more room to play, while also helping Mom & Dad keep their sanity.

Girl's Room- Toy Bins

Storage bins clearly labeled with category names were created to help this creative kid be able to clean up independently. 

Basement Play Room

Existing storage solutions were repurposed and combined with new bin clips in this basement playroom makeover. 

Kid's Clothing- Dresser Organization

Dresser drawers do not work for most kids without bins inside. Kids need easy, toss-ready solutions for clothing storage. With this new setup, this child can put away his own clothing independently.

Kid's Clothing- Size Changeover

When your kids are growing like weeds, taking care of swapping out outgrown clothing for new sizes can be a part-time job! For this project, hand-me-downs were sorted by size and then installed in the drawers and closet, with the outgrown clothes removed and bagged to be passed on.

Kid's Clothing- Decluttering

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. In this case, too much clothing made the drawer system hard to use and was creating a mountain of laundry as well.  Extra clothing was decluttered, drawers were labeled, and the result was a much more manageable system for everyone.

Teen / Tween Clothing Storage System Set-Up

This tween's lack of sufficient clothing storage was causing his clothes to end up on the floor. To take advantage of kids' natural inclination to toss things, a bin system is a great solution, especially when clearly labeled so everyone knows where things belong.

Homework & Craft Area

This colorful craft and homework area was pared back to just the essentials to make it easy to maintain. Labeling of all the homes for items will assist with keeping it tidy moving forward. 

Toy Storage

Prominent placement was given to favorite items in this toy system set-up. And of course we needed a bin for slime and fidgets! Keeping the inventory low means this creative kid can see and play with everything.