Kids' Closets

Boy's Closet- After

What to do when there are more clothes than can comfortably fit in a kid's closet? In this project, lesser used categories, such as formal clothes and off-season clothes, were neatly stored above daily favorites and labeled so they could be easily found when needed.

Boy's Closet- After

Repurposing extra containers from other parts of the home provided additional storage, while grouping shirts by color will make getting dressed and finding favorites easy on busy mornings.

Girl's Closet- After

This highly-simplified closet for a little girl allows her to get dressed and put away laundry independently. She liked it so much, she even wanted to help write out the bin labels!

Tween Closet- Before

Closets tend to accumulate unused items over the years. The unusual design of the floor of this closet was not helping. We removed all items, sorted them, and put everything back in an orderly fashion.

Tween Closet- After

Not everyone loves the Home Edit aesthetic, but a color-order closet is still oddly satisfying! Casual clothes were all grouped together to the right, with dressy items on the far left since they are rarely accessed.

Multi-age Shared Closet

This quick closet re-organization was done in 30-60 minutes as part of a larger clothing project in this girls' room for 3 siblings. The littles needed to be able to reach their favorites on the bottom, while a step-stool was available for the oldest to reach her bar at the top. Favorites- dresses & sweaters- were each given their own labeled section.