Entryways & Hall Closets

Linen Closet- Before

This hall closet had collected extra items over the years. "Do Not Belongs" were removed and the remaining items were grouped, contained, and labeled.

Linen Closet- After

With items labeled and the most-used items at eye-level, the whole family can find what they are looking for.

Toiletry Storage

Uniform bins, shelf paper, and cute labels turned this closet from an eyesore to a sight for sore eyes.

Hall Storage Closet- Before

Extra coat storage, memory items, and intended donations teamed up to take over this closet. By removing the donations and grouping and containing the rest, we were able to bring order to the chaos.

Hall Storage Closet- After

Neatly labeled bins now house memory items and store backpacks, while extra coats are easy to access when needed.

Entryway Closet- Before

This front closet was underused in the entryway, and housed a smattering of items that did not belong. We removed and reset everything to make it functional again!

Entryway Closet- After

With bins for smaller items and coats neatly hung, this closet is back in business.

Sheet Storage

Sheets can get mixed up and out of sorts, but clever storage solutions and easy folding methods can get them back in shape.

Beauty & Toiletry Storage

Repurposed storage from elsewhere in the house was made more uniform by matching labels. Now all family members can find what they need in the closet.

Front Closet

This space was carefully designed to house the most frequently reached-for items when this family leaves the house: coats, hats, library books, items for errands, and, of course, reusable grocery bags.

Entryway Drop Zone

This small piece of furniture may be the hardest working piece in the home! The lower shelves hold kids' backpacks, the bins corral kids' shoes, and on the upper shelf, the galvanized utensil holder has been repurposed to hold keys and sunglasses. This landing zone ensures that there is a set place for items the family needs to find quickly when leaving the house on busy mornings!

Entryway Closet

When a closet becomes a catch-all, it can stop functioning in its intended purpose: to hold things one needs when leaving the house. This closet had collected many items that had come into the house: books, Christmas gifts, bags used for outings, seasonal decor, etc. To reset it, we removed everything, grouped it, and worked with the owner to make decisions on what to keep, toss, and donate. The result was a refreshed and simplified storage space!