Craft Rooms & Craft Closets

Craft Closet- Before

Though this closet had once been well organized, years of heavy use meant the system needed a little tweaking.

Craft Closet- After

We removed everything and sorted all the supplies by categories, placed bins to contain it all, and labeled everything neatly for all family members to be able to see and find what they needed.

Grown-Up Craft Closet

Bins with lids and closet doors keep items meant for grown-ups out of sight and out of mind.

Kids' Craft Area

Custom colorful labels and open bins attract creative kids to the supplies meant just for them.

Custom Craft Labels

Large picture labels work well for non-readers, readers, and everyone in between!

Kids' Craft Area- After

This special project for a creative family repurposed a few of their own storage solutions and labels, while augmenting their supply with some basic bins and containers. One of the creative kids inspired the rainbow crayon display by sorting all of their crayons by color!

Craft Supply Closet

The goal of this project for a large organization was for everyone to be able to see the available supplies at a glance.

Craft Supply Closet

Zones were created in the multi-use closet, including a craft zone. Each was clearly labeled for ease of use and clean-up.

Craft Supply Closet

Storing supplies in open bins allows for quick grab and go access, as well as quick clean-up.