Basements & Storage Spaces

Basement Storage- Before

In this project, an existing storage system needed to be brought up to date for the current needs of the family. New hand-me-downs were sorted into bins & labeled, while current-size clothes were moved up to the kids' rooms.

Basement Storage- After

The final product was a basement storage room that everyone could easily access, where items were neatly labeled and ready for use.

Basement- Before

This project involved clearing a large basement from shipping boxes and other items that had built up since the family moved in.

Basement- After

The floor was cleared after all cardboard that was not in use was recycled, and zones were created around the perimeter of the basement for items the family wanted to keep.

Basement Stairs- Before

Storage and items waiting to go down to the basement were in the stairwell.

Basement Stairs- After

All items were cleared and relocated to the newly identified zones in the basement.

Basement Storage- Before

Craft and clothing items had gotten mixed together with papers and books that the family wanted to keep. 

Basement Storage- After

Items were sorted out by category and neatly labeled to be found easily. Shelving was discussed to house these items in the future.

Basement Rec Room- Before

Busy people have busy spaces! This sofa was next to a toy and play room, and it showed evidence of being well used! 

Basement Rec Room- After

All toys were relocated to be stored with like items in the playroom portion of the basement.

Storage Area- Before

This storage room was slated for renovation, but all of the contents needed to be removed first.

Storage Area- After

Items were separated into garbage, recycling, donation, and "keep" categories. The items to keep were relocated to the garage and the others were removed from the home. I had the pleasure of seeing this space after the renovation and it was beautiful!

Christmas / Holiday Storage

Christmas and holiday storage can be a challenge! So many beautiful and cute items to buy, but they are used so infrequently in the year. Adjust your buying to what you have the room to store and the desire to use. Here, a large storage space was available and we tried our best to make use of every bit of it!

Extra Storage

In this shared space, items were grouped by category and arranged neatly to be easy to find. When working with supplied that will be shared by various individuals, a visual organizing style with all items visible is usually best.

Basement Fitness Room

Repurposing existing storage is a great alternative to buying new solutions if a suitable option is already in the home. Here, a kids' cube storage set was reconfigured to house workout gear in a basement exercise space.